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We hope you enjoyed this issue’s Health and Diversity article (p. 36-37 in the magazine) about the Guerrero, Mexico favorite dish of Pozole Verde – a hearty stew with hominy, various green ingredients and a selection of toppings worthy of any Taco Tuesday. Many of our Fresh Network families are from the Mexican state of Guerrero, so we wanted to share some of their wonderful cuisine. In the process, we learned a lot about the region and the food that just couldn’t fit in a couple short magazine pages. Here is the best of what got left out of the magazine.

Pozole Verde Articles


What the Heck is Hominy, Anyway?
If you’ve never tasted hominy, our blog post on the topic is the encouragement you need to give this a-MAIZE-ing ingredient in pozole verde a try!

Pozole Verde Background Reading

If, like us, you’ve become pozole-obsessed, get your fix with the following source articles on other websites about culture, history, and the many variations of pozole.

Pozole Verde Recipes


Weeknight Slow Cooker Pozole Verde
elementary FRESH’s simplified makeover of the Guerrero-style favorite that is featured on p.37 of the magazine, along with the recipe variations that we couldn’t find room for!

Authentic Guerrero-style Recipes

Just in case you were looking for the “real deal,” our editor Jordana studied nearly 50 pozole verde recipes during development of our simplified version, and these are the ones she suspects come closest to truly authentic fare.

Do you have a healthy authentic recipe that your family brought to America when they moved here, or maybe a not so healthy one you’d like us to make over? Please share it with us! Visit our <a href=””>Contact Us</a> page to send us your special recipe, and it could be featured on the blog, or even the magazine!

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