MyPlate One-Day Sample Menu

The MyPlate meal reference guide is all about making sure you get a balanced meal at EVERY meal.  Rather than trying to tally up your food group intake at the end of the day, try to make every meal’s plate resemble the portions shown on the icon to the left.

The Fall 2016 issue of our magazine has an article that explains the food groups in depth on p.15, but most of us need a practical example to learn how to apply systems like MyPlate in our own lives.

Fortunately, meals don’t have to be complicated to be complete and healthy! We’ve put together this full day of simple recipes to give you an idea of just how delicious MyPlate can make your day.


  • Coconut-Carrot Morning Glory Muffins
    Make these over the weekend or the night before for a great grab-and-go option in the morning!
  • Serve with 1 oz. nuts (about a handful) and 1 cup 1% milk for a quick yet complete meal.


  • Simple Tuna Salad
    All these ingredients can be easily packed and stored until they’re ready to be combined and eaten anywhere you are!
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies with Yogurt
    Reward yourself with this sweet and inexpensive treat – the USDA estimates if you purchase the dry ingredients in bulk, each cookie costs only 5 cents!
  • Serve with a piece of fruit (or 1 cup 100% fruit juice), to complete your meal.


  • Peanut Butter Toast with Banana
    A simple, lower added sugar snack alternative to PB&J.
  • Serve with your favorite raw sliced vegetables, and enjoy a cup of milk or yogurt on the side.

Dinner & Dessert

  • Yummy Honey Chicken Kebabs
    Who doesn’t love food on a stick?!  These delicious ingredients are healthy and so much fun for kids to help stack on skewers.
  • Serve with 1 cup brown rice.
  • Peach Frozen Yogurt
    You don’t need an ice cream maker for this sweet and healthy end to your day of MyPlate fun!

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Have a great MyPlate Recipe to Share?  Visit our Contact Us page to send us a recipe your family loves – we’d love to add it to our database and of course credit you and your school!

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