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ensure that elementary FRESH content is accurate and up-to-date, with a

local focus that makes it especially relevant and useful for Portland-area parents.

Tyler Carey                               Susana Holloway

President & Director                      Co-Owner, Chef & Teacher

BIO FORCE Youth Fitness                   Portland’s Culinary Workshop        

Paula Jahn                                Katharine Jeffcoat
                                          Pediatric Dietitian & Owner
Registered Dietitian & Co-Owner
Nourish Northwest                         Portland Pediatric Nutrition
                                          Jared Hoffman
Brad Lebowsky
                                          Program Manager
Executive Director
                                          Active Children Portland
Active Children Portland                  

Kelly Merrick                             Judy Heller

Communications Manager                    Founder & President

Portland Farmers’ Market                  Wonders of Walking       

Rick Sherman                              Interested in Joining?

Farm-to-School/School Garden Coordinator     If you’re a pediatric or family health,

Oregon Dept. of Education                  nutrition or fitness expert, please email                    to inquire!

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